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Talent Prep - Administration and Justice Professions

June 07

Talents for Administration and Justice preparatory course in Marseille Canebière

Put all the chances on your side to succeed in the civil service exams!
Join a Talents Prep course and benefit from a specific diploma course, adapted to today's competitive exams and individualized tutoring.

The Talents Prep program is designed for a wide range of students, including deserving scholarship students as well as students in initial and continuing education.
Holders of a Bachelor's degree for the IPEP program or a Master's degree for the ENM program.

The Talent Prep is also a diploma course.

2 choices of courses

Registrations are made through e.CANDIDATE

- Submission of application files online on e-candidat
from May 17, 2022 to July 01, 2022

>>> Download the application form