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PhD contract -Towards regional models of "green" gas? - Sciences Po (Bordeaux) - deadline for participation before June 30, 2022

Online 27 06 2022 - Deadline for participation: before June 30, 2022

(Calenda announcement 1004029)

The thesis is part of the ANR JCJC ECOINDUS (2022-2026) whose objective is to analyze the ecological transition of the French gas sector by questioning the low-carbon promises of the hydrogen and biogas sectors, their regional variations in France and the public policies that support them. The thesis aims at questioning to what extent local energy policies and citizen projects would be less conflicting, more democratic and efficient than centralized policies and projects. The thesis focuses on the local dimension of the energy transition by exploring three main aspects.

We are looking for a student with a Master's degree in sociology or political science for a thesis grant.

We are looking for a student with experience and knowledge in the analysis of public action and/or the issues of the energy transition. The candidate should have previous experience in interview surveys and their exploitation.

Experience or knowledge of energy transition issues required

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