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Fermeture estivale

Votre faculté de droit et de science politique sera fermée du vendredi 21 juillet au lundi 21 août 2023. Pendant cette période, aucun mail ne pourra être traité. Merci de renouveler vos demandes lors de la réouverture, à compter du lundi 21 août 8h00.

Toutes les équipes de la faculté vous souhaitent un très bel été !

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Numerous school diplomas to complete your curriculum
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Work-linked training

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Back to school 2023 - 2024: The main stages

Have you been admitted to the Faculty of Law and Political Science and need to register for 2023-24, or are you already a student and want to re-enroll?

From June 29, 2023, complete your administrative registration online on the Faculty's registration portal.

Recruitment of Teaching Assistants - Year 2023 / 2024

The Faculty of Law and Political Science is recruiting lecturers for the 2023/2024 academic year. The application form (below) should be returned by e-mail to and In addition to the application form, please make your teaching requests via the google-forms

The campaign is open until June 30, 2023.


  • COLLOQUIUM 🔎 | UMR DICE Day: Indigenous peoples, law and justice 14/04/2023

    COLLOQUIUM 🔎 | UMR DICE Day: Indigenous peoples, law and justice

    As every year, a UMR 7318 DICE study day is organized around a theme that, in keeping with the UMR's trademark, enables members of the research centers concerned and outside specialists or partners to express their views comparative law, European law and international law. This year's event will take place on Friday October 13, 2023 in Pau, on the theme of Indigenous Peoples, Law and Justice.



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