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  • Initial training
  • 3 years
  • Aix-en-Provence
  • AIMS

    This double Licence offers an improved teaching programme enabling students to obtain a Licence in Law and a Licence in Economics and Management at the end of six semesters of study.

    This double degree aims to provide students with real expertise in the fields of economics, management and law, allowing them to pursue studies in the Masters of Economics, Management and Law.

    The double degree programme is designed to provide students with the opportunity to acquire a real expertise in the fields of economics, management and law.


    For students who have applied to the Faculty of Law and Political Science or the Faculty of Economics of Aix-en-Provence via Parcoursup and who have expressed the wish to follow the double degree, the wish examination commission will examine the application.


    Acquire skills in the following areas:

    Manipulating legal data • Constructing a legal argument • Legally qualifying the problems submitted and using one's theoretical knowledge in order to provide a practical solution • MaîMaster the reading of case law of national and international jurisdictions • Position oneself in the national, international and European legal environment • Mobilise a general culture and apply it to the legal field and to the economic field • Understand the role of the European Union in the development of the European UnionApply it to the legal and economic field • Communicate in writing and orally in a professional manner • Master English • Master digital tools • Analyze and identify the decisions and behaviors of economic agents • Conduct data analysis • Develop and implement strategies • Master the environment of markets, firms and organizations



Responsible for the course