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  • Initial training - Continuing education
  • 1 year
  • Aix-en-Provence
  • AIMS

    The urban planners who have completed this training course have the vocation to carry out missions of design, coordination, advice and assistance to the urban project management. Their work consists of assisting public project managers, in particular local authorities, or private individuals as employees or service providers. In this context, they carry out preliminary studies, decision preparation, implementation and management of decisions, design and management of territorial or urban development projects. They work in a wide variety of fields due to the great diversity of their educational backgrounds: urban planning, rural planning, housing, environment, economy, social affairs, transport and investment, local development. The Master's degree gives access to the qualification of urban planner, established since 1998 by the OPQU (Office professionnel de Qualification des Urbanistes) with the Association des Maires de France and the State.


    You come under the status of continuing education if : You are a student (in particular under a professional training contract), you are a self-employed person, you are an independent worker, a craftsman, a craftsman's spouse and a trader, you are a job seeker registered with the Pôle Emploi, you are entitled to the R.S.A, you have a VAP (Validation of Professional Experience) or a VAE (Validation of Experience).


    To be in possession of a 1st year Master's degree (240 ECTS) from a Master's degree programme compatible with urban planning and development. The validation of professional experience and prior learning can be taken into account to allow the admission of candidates who do not hold a diploma of BAC+4 level, provided that the professional experience has been related to cities and territories for at least 6 years.


    Have a 4-year degree (social sciences, architecture, engineering sciences) + 2 years of professional experience in a field related to urban planning and development. VAP possible


    The continuing education course does not have a research option. It does, however, benefit from the involvement of numerous teacher-researchers and organises an initiation to research module for the completion of the end-of-study dissertation.


    The reference framework established by the OPQU (Office Professionnel de Qualification des Urbanistes) refers to the fields of activity of the urban planner. These fields are of two different types, depending on whether they are specific to planners or shared with other professions. The first type of domain is the core of the profession. It gives it its specificity. These fields of activity are four in number, they are specific to him, do not belong to any other profession and are the basis of his professional responsibility: They are the spatialization of territory projects, urban design, production of urban developments and urban management. The second type of fields gathers activities that the urban planner shares with other professions, in particular those of living environment and management. There are three of them. They are the implementation of territorial and urban projects, their animation and the production of knowledge. The urban planner thus intervenes in seven fields of activity. The four specific fields require knowledge and skills specific to the planning profession. The other three areas involve knowledge and skills that the planner shares with many other professions but which are nonetheless essential to the character of the planner's work.


    Optional professional internship. The semesterly project workshops are supervised by IUAR teachers and professionals



    The courses are organised in the form of alternating days, one and a half days per week (Friday day and Saturday morning).

    These are lectures, both theoretical and practical, given by the teachers of the teaching team, but also by professionals.

    A workshop on the use of the new technologies is also offered.

    An urban planning workshop is programmed, in the first and second semesters, which puts into practice the teachings given to students on the basis of a commission addressed to them by a local authority or any public or para-public organisation relevant to our disciplinary field.

    A final dissertation is also compulsory.



    • 341M Aménagement du territoire, urbanisme (fr)
    • 341N Etudes en urbanisme et aménagement (fr)
    • 341P Gestion de l'espace et mise en oeuvre des projets (fr)


    IUAR School Officers

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    Françoise DIANA -    Tel :

Head of the course