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Professional Bachelor's degree in Legal activities: real estate law professions - Course: Real estate professions in construction and property management

  • Initial training - Continuing education - Work-linked training
  • 1 year
  • Aix-en-Provence
  • AIMS

    The aim of the professional licence is to specialise and professionalise students so that they can access positions of responsibility in the different sectors of the real estate industry. They can choose to become a syndic de copropriacute;té, administrateur de biens, promoteur immobilier, agent immobilier, néacute;gociateur immobilier, expert immobilier, responsable de service immobilier dans les collectivités locales, les services HLM, les banques et les administrations publiques.

    The graduates have the real estate transaction and management card which allows them to set up as real estate agents, property dealers and property developers. The specificity of the real estate subjects taught enables students to be autonomous in the different sectors of activity covered by the professional licence.




    BTS Real Estate Professions
    BTS Real Estate Negotiation
    DUT Marketing Techniques
    2nd year of a law degree


    • FDSP, Aix-en-Provence

    Students are introduced to research through the writing of a thesis on the theme of their choice, in relation to their professional project and their internship. Students also participate in the annual colloquium organized by the GREDIAUC (Research and Study Group on Real Estate, Urban Planning and Construction Law), Les Entretiens de droit immobilier.

    GREDIAUC was born from the merger of two former research laboratories in real estate law: the CREDI (Centre de Recherches et d'Etudes en Droit Immobilier) on the one hand and the CEJU (Centre d'Etudes Juridiques d'Urbanisme) on the other hand, at the beginning of the year 2000, with the will to create a laboratory around the study of the real estate in its most diverse aspects, without being attached to the classic césure between the private law (Section 01) and the public law (Section 02).

    The laboratory is thus intended from the beginning as an entity of transverse study, in order to be able to analyze the building in all its dimensions, without reductive compartmentalization.


    The training allows the student to acquire professional skills enabling him/her to access positions of responsibility and management in the real estate profession. It offers, thanks to the diversity of the modules taught, the knowledge necessary for a good technicality and a perfect autonomy in the fields of the transaction and the management of buildings, co-ownership, design and marketing of real estate programs. The graduate will be able to :

    evaluate the real estate activities of public entities and local authorities
    carry out real estate appraisals;
    search for and estimate real estate for sale or rent and ensure its commercial promotion;
    Decide on real estate programs and projects according to the opportunities and needs of a potential clientele,
    coordinate or supervise the various operations of the realization
    organize and lead the work of a team

    - know the methods of evaluation and diagnosis of buildings.

    - analyze and process files relating to the design of construction programs, real estate transactions and real estate management.

    - master the organization and functioning of co-ownership and perform the functions of a co-ownership manager.

    - measure the impact of the obligations of information and advice of real estate agents, property dealers or real estate professionals.

    - conceive and carry out real estate operations, real estate promotion or marketing in the sale of real estate.


    The work placement is for a period of 11 months in a company. It gives rise to an activity report and a presentation before a jury.

    The project will be carried out in the context of the real estate sector.

    The tutorial project : 150 h on free time. It gives rise to the writing of a dissertation and a presentation to a jury.

    The project is carried out by a team of experts.


    The training takes place in the premises of the Faculté de Droit at 3 avenue Robert Schuman à Aix-en-Provence. The teaching takes place from September to July at the rate of one day per week and 4 days in the company (for the alternation). The compulsory internship takes place from September to July.



    • 128G Droit fiscal ; Droit des affaires ; Droit pénal ; Droit de l'environnement ; Droit de la santé ; Droit de la sécurité et de la défense ; Droit du transport etc (fr)
    • 313R Finances, banques, assurances (contrôle, prévention, entretien) (fr)

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    Pedagogical secretariat:

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