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  • Initial training - Continuing education
  • 1 year
  • Aix-en-Provence
  • AIMS

    This degree was created within the framework of AMU's training plan and is intended to offer AMU graduates who are not lawyers (ALLSH, Sciences, Medicine, etc.) the possibility of acquiring skills and knowledge in certain legal subjects.

    A complementary university education in the legal field.
    A diploma course, flexible and adaptable.
    An entirely online training.

    Students must choose, among the 26 proposed, 6 subjects of 10 hours each. A subject will be open only if it is chosen by a minimum of 5 students

    List of UE :

    Common contract law
    Special contract law
    Labour law
    Social protection law
    Common company law
    Special company law
    Law of associations
    Intellectual property and innovation law
    Personal data and internet law
    Distribution, competition and consumer law
    Tax law
    Criminal law
    Professional liability and insurance law
    Corporate Social Responsibility
    Environmental law
    Vulnerable persons law
    Family and children law
    Humanitarian law
    Bioethics law
    Medical and pharmaceutical law
    Organization and functioning of public administrations
    Law and framework of the public hospital system
    Law of the responsibility of public authorities
    International and European legal environment
    European Union law
    Philosophy of law

    The course is open to all students.


    Holder of a licence in a field other than law



    Total number of teaching weeks: 12

    Classes between 4pm and 8pm

    Indicative start date of the courses : March 2022

    Indicative end date of the courses : June 2022

    Language of instruction : French

    Teaching methods : Online


    Basic knowledge on the 6 subjects chosen from the 26 proposed.


    Be able to identify the legal issues and difficulties specific to a type of activity, and to propose initial approaches to solutions where appropriate.

  • Dates de dépôt des dossiers :  1er Octobre au 03 janvier 2022
  • Avis d’admission : Janvier 2022
  • Inscription Administrative du :  10 Janvier 2022 au 31 Janvier 2022
  • Période de cours obligatoires :  Mars à juin 2022