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  • Initial training - Continuing education
  • 1 year
  • Aix-en-Provence
  • AIMS

    This certificate is open to graduate students and professionals (lawyers) in continuing education, and is based on a very high level academic approach and a resolutely practical pedagogy.

    Unique in France, this certificate is based on a new partnership between the University and the professional world (in particular the association of criminal lawyers and the Institute of Criminal Defense), and is very promising in view of the "judicial pole" project planned on the Poncet site. It continues to place the University at the heart of the continuing education of professionals, lawyers in this case, which ISPEC is already trying to animate through the organization of training conferences with the bars of Aix en Provence and Marseille. The idea is to go further, by creating the first diploma in criminal practice, which would make it possible to disseminate this know-how at the national level.

    It also offers a unique opportunity to our students wishing to become lawyers to be trained by the greatest specialists in criminal law, around a clinical pedagogy (concrete case studies, exercises in real situations, professional approaches, etc.) in order to enhance the value of this certificate when they enter the professional world (which has already been clearly confirmed by the professionals questioned on this subject).

    The creation of this Certificate of Penal Practice will lead to the drafting of an agreement with the various partners, which will be formalized as soon as the diploma is validated, in order to provide for the details, namely the prior registration with the partner, before the registration with the Faculty of Law.

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    Requirements: General criminal law/ Criminal procedure/ Criminal sanction


    For initial training: hold a law degree - examination of applications by the director of the diploma - prior registration with the Criminal Practice Workshop.

    In continuing education: to have a profession related to the judicial world - applications are examined by the director of the diploma - prior registration with the Criminal Practice Workshop.


    Total number of teaching weeks : 10

    Indicative start date of the teaching : 03/02/2020

    Indicative end date of teaching : 31/05/2020

    Language of instruction : Frenchçais

    Contact : Céline AGRESTA - Email :

    Tél : +33(0)4 42 64 61 57 - Fax : +33(0)4 42 64 61 66


    Updating and deepening knowledge of criminal law and criminal procedure.



    Know how to study a criminal case, how to develop a defense strategy, how to convince through pleading.

    Knowing how to identify nullities, mastering deadlines and relations with other legal professionals.

    Knowing how to apply sentences and special criminal procedures (minors, foreigners, etc.)