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  • Initial training
  • 1 year
  • Aix-en-Provence
  • AIMS

    Provide students with a certificate to enhance the value of their undergraduate degree, obtained in a health crisis context.


    Students who have completed their law degree, to deepen the knowledge and skills they have acquired through lectures.


    Organised in the form of lectures after the completion of a preparatory work, allows students to revisit the fundamental notions of law by placing them at the heart of contemporary problems.


    After 3 semesters of operation in a context of health crisis, the proposed Certificate will allow students to enhance their Bachelor's degree by revisiting certain points of the course with regard to a current event, an evolution, or a notable issue, by mobilizing the knowledge of the year or semester, by deepening it, or by applying it.

    This knowledge will be deepened in the framework of different units:

    The law and its environment
    Law and its application
    The fundamentals of private and public law
    The fundamentals of litigation


    The format chosen for the various courses proposed is that of "lecturing", geared towards the reflection and application of legal rules.

    This allows the development of the ability to synthesise, understand the implementation of legal rules and enable the students to understand and apply them.

    This helps develop the ability to synthesize, understand the implementation of legal rules and allows students to develop their critical thinking skills.


    In the context of the health crisis, some students are concerned about the valorisation of their Bachelor's degree. By following this Certificate of Valorisation of Legal Studies, they can attest to a reinforcement of their skills.

    Such a valorisation is not only a way to improve the quality of their studies, but also a way to increase their chances of success.

    Such valorisation will be very useful in the context of Master's applications, for students who were unable to obtain a place in a Master's programme this year and who can thus strengthen their application thanks to this certificate;This diploma is also available to students who have obtained a place and who can hope to be directed towards the course of their choice.


    Total number of teaching weeks: 10

    Indicative start date of the courses: 09/10

    Indicative end date of the lessons : 29/01


    Administrative contact : EDDIR Soufiane

    Tél : 04 42 17 28 66

    Email :


Présentation du certificat de valorisation des études juridiques