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Back to school 2023 - 2024: The stages

BACK TO SCHOOL 2023 - 2024

On this page you'll find step-by-step instructions on how to get your academic year off to a good start at the Faculty of Law and Political Science.

Back to school milestones in pictures

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1. Registering

This is your administrative registration, enabling you to register as a student at your faculty. There are several steps involved.

Please note

If you haven't fully completed your administrative registration before the start of the new academic year, don't worry: you can regularize your file at a later date! In the meantime, keep up to date with the latest news from the Faculty of Law and Political Science (FDSP), so you don't miss the start of the new academic year and your classes.

  • I get my certificate of contribution to student and campus life

    I pay the CVEC or obtain my certificate of exemption on the CVEC website

    What is CVEC?

    The CVEC is designed to improve student life.

    It is used to fund initiatives designed to give students a better welcome and to provide them with social, health, cultural and sporting support during their studies.

  • I complete my administrative registration

    The entire procedure is paperless:

    • If this is my first registration at the Faculty: I must register directly on the WEB by connecting via the link received on PARCOURSUP.
    • If I am re-registering at the Faculty: I go directly to the WEB by logging in via my ENT.
    • If I wish to transfer to another university: I must make an appointment via ERIS and go to the FDSP - 3 Avenue Robert Schuman, Bâtiment Pouillon (room 103, 1st floor).

    At the end of the administrative registration procedure, I pay the registration fee by credit card or cheque.

  • I'd like to know the dates of the pedagogical registrations (IP)

    • I consult the IP calendar calendar (coming soon) to find out when I can register.

    The pedagogical registration enables you to choose your tutorial groups and confirms your registration for the theory and practical exams.

    The choice of subjects must be made for the 2 semesters, as soon as your administrative registration (IA) is effective.

    Your registration for the second semester may be modified in January.

    PI campaign opening periods :

    Odd-numbered semesters

    • L1: 07/07 to 09/15
    • L2-L3-M1: from 03/07 to 22/09

    Reopening of second-semester PI campaigns:

    Even-numbered semesters

    • L1: 08/01 to 12/01
    • L2-L3: 08/01 to 19/01
    • M1: 01/22 to 01/30
  • I receive my student card and certificate of attendance

    Once payment has been made, you will be informed by e-mail of the date and time when you can collect your student card from the school (RDC Bâtiment Pouillon).

    • Your school certificate will be available via your ENT once your file has been checked.

2. I activate my work environment (ENT)

You have access to a number of digital tools to support you throughout your schooling.

Please note

Activating your SESAME takes around 24 hours, during which time you'll need to wait for your first connection.

  • I activate SESAME

    Once my AI is finalized, I get a student number and an activation key (indicated on my school certificate).

    • I activate my account and create my password
    • When my account is activated (after 24h), I go to the login page
  • I activate my digital work environment (ENT)

    I connect to my ENT to find FDSP news and information about my studies, as well as access to applications and my student mailbox.

  • I activate my student email

    • Once on my ENT, I access my student mailbox
    • If I wish, I can automatically redirect my student e-mails to another address of my choice.

    My student e-mail address will serve me throughout my studies. All school information, especially exam information, will be sent to this address.


3. I attend my pre-entry meeting

Pre-entry meetings take place between September 6 and 8 at the Aix, Arles and Marseille sites . These are important milestones for obtaining all the information you need to make sure your course runs smoothly.

- September 06, 2023 for the Arles campus

- September 07, 2023 for the Marseille campus

- September 08, 2023 for the Aix campus

Morning division A

Afternoon division B

Consult the calendar of pre-entry meetings to find out the place, date and time of the meeting for your course, which you can download at the bottom of the page.

  • Find out about my pre-school meeting

    • I check the detailed calendar of pre-entry meetings to find the one for my course: they take place between September 6 and 8.
    • I check the location (which varies according to my academic year) to find out where to go.
    • I go there, even if I haven't yet finalized my IA, to attend the course presentation and obtain the information I need to complete my enrolment form, if I haven't already done so.

    (If double-licensing) For those enrolled in a double-licensing program:

    We recommend that you attend the pre-course meetings for each specialization concerned (except for certain double-licences, for which specific pre-course meetings are organized).

  • Find out about international mobility opportunities

    • If I'd like to study abroad for part of my degree, I'll find out about the possibilities for mobility in my course at my pre-entry meeting.

4. I create my timetable

Registering as a student is a key stage in your studies, enabling you to create your own timetable.

This will enable you to choose your tutorial groups.

The choice of subjects must be made in the IA and for the 2 semesters. You can therefore create your own timetable by signing up for available tutorials in a number of different slots, in addition to fixed-schedule lectures.

The choice of days and time slots is limited. It is not possible to request a waiver to enroll on a day or at a time that is more convenient for personal reasons. Only disabled students or students on special study regimes (RSE) may be offered accommodations where possible.

  • I remember the IP date

    • If I haven't done my PI yet, I can do something about it as soon as the new school year starts by consulting the PI calendar to find out when I can do mine.

5. I take part in cultural and sporting activities

As part of your studies, we offer a wide range of free cultural and sporting activities. Chosen as part of a Bonus program, these activities can earn you up to an additional half-point on your grade point average.


6. I'm involved and committed

During the academic year, you can take part in activities outside your course, enabling you to get involved in causes or values that speak to you. Your student life will also include moments when you can express yourself democratically by voting or standing as a candidate.


7. I can access various forms of assistance

Several types of assistance are available to help you with your schooling. These are designed to facilitate access to catering, accommodation and digital technology.


8. Keeping me informed

There are several channels through which your faculty can communicate with you. Make sure you check them regularly so you don't miss out on any information.