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The richness and excellence of research in law and political science are valued and disseminated in various ways, starting with the very many scientific publications that cover all the disciplinary fields of law. The use of open archives with HAL AMU, the publication on dedicated websites of specialized journals or in open access diversify today the modes of diffusion and offer a better visibility to the research.

Finally, a special place is given to young research in law and political science with the Doctoral Students' Day co-organized since 2018 by the Faculty of Law and Political Science of Aix-Marseille and the Doctoral School "Legal and Political Sciences" (ED 67) with the support of the Research Federation "Rights, Powers and Societies" (FED 4280). Each year, doctoral students cross their views and analyses on a transverse subject such as "Changes in justice", "Rethinking democracy and its forms of expression", "Law and social innovation", by taking part in the difficult exercise of a speaker at a symposium. The publication of the proceedings in the eponymous collection of the FED at PUAM ensures the dissemination and promotion of these works.

The distinctions and awards received by the teachers-researchers and in particular the young researchers of the Faculty of Law and Political Science of Aix-Marseille are also noteworthy.

The expertise and contribution to scientific popularisation also allow for active participation in the major debates in society and the influence of legal research in the academic circle and beyond, towards the general public via the media in particular. They are the proof of the dynamism of a living research, anchored in its time where the teachers-researchers and researchers take part in the diffusion of knowledge and are actors of the reflexions around the great subjects which cross the society and question the law naturally.

Honours and Awards

Recent distinctions and awards include

Expertise and contribution to scientific popularization

The teachers-researchers and researchers of the Research Units of the Faculty of Law and Political Science of Aix-Marseille are indeed more and more frequently solicited to bring their expertise, to analyze and comment on the great legal and societal questions or to participate in the scientific popularization for the benefit of the non-specialists of the law as well as the general public.

The examples are numerous and concern fields as varied as the relationship between justice and artificial intelligence (Frédéric Rouvière, Director of the LTD); the links between quality of work and the construction of the ecological transition (Alexis Bugada, Director of the CDS); tourism (Emeline HATT of the LIEU);adaptation to climate change (Marie-Laure LAMBERT, Deputy Director of the LIEU) or even more recently with the televised interview of Professor Jean-Baptiste PERRIER of the LDSPC on the issues raised during the visit of the Minister of the Interior to Marseille.

Finally, and this is a notable characteristic of these last years, the laboratories are actors of the diffusion of the research which are led there and contribute to develop them near the greatest number: