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  • Initial training
  • 1 year
  • Aix-en-Provence
  • AIMS

    This diploma aims to train students at M1/M2 level in the fields of compliance, prevention and detection of business offences.

    The criminal risk is a concrete reality for companies as well as for administrations. Indeed, criminal law covers a wide range of activities, so that many managers are exposed to prosecution and conviction if the prevention of offences is not ensured within their structures. This training course is therefore intended to provide instruction in criminal and economic law and its prevention through compliance.

    To reach a high level of competence, an introduction and a deepening of accounting and financial analysis are obviously provided.


    M1 or equivalent in law, management or economics. business school diploma (Conférence des Grandes Ecoles)


    Total number of teaching weeks: 30

    Timing of the teaching period :  

    Target date for the start of teaching: 04/10

    Indicative end date of the lessons : 29/04


    This diploma allows to master the fundamental knowledge in the field of criminal law, money laundering, tax law, but also financial analysis and personal data (RGPD). The idea is to cover the vast field of compliance as well as possible.


    The aim is to master the tools related to the prevention of economic and financial delinquency: risk mapping, due diligence, auditing, warning, etc. The courses also focus logically on the mechanisms and modus operandi of business crime. The digital dimension of this crime is obviously studied in depth.

    Mastering the criminal risk implies first of all understanding the tools of criminal responsibility. A crime can only be prevented if it is understood in its factual and legal components, and in its sociology.

    The idea is to provide students, future professionals, with effective tools and techniques to fight against white-collar crime (through its prevention and repression). These skills can usefully be mobilized by future investigators or magistrates wishing to master the mechanisms of criminal business law in order to detect possible breaches of the law.

    To do so, the training relies on the experience of academics specializing in criminal business law, PNF magistrates, JUNALCO, members of AGRASC, AFA, but also professionals in compliance (banks, ACPR...) and financial and digital security.


    Contacts  : AGRESTA Celine

    Tél. : 0442646157