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  • 1 year
  • AIMS

    This degree is designed for foreign students (although access is not excluded for French students) wishing to receive in-depth training in French and European business law. It originates from exchanges with the University of Chicago Kent in the United States but also receives foreign students from other universities.

    The students of the LLM will first follow all the courses given in the framework of the "Economic Law" degree (for 88 hours). The interest of the French students of AMU following the courses given in the "Economic Law" degree is obvious: they will be in contact with foreign students of an excellent level and will build up a network of international relations useful for their professional career and a possible international mobility.
    The students enrolled in the LLM will then follow courses that are essentially provided within the framework of existing degrees (Master II, DESU) at the Aix-Marseille Institute of Business Law (for 199 hours).

    Foreign students will thus mix with AMU business law students. The AMU students of the degrees concerned by the mutualization will find, once again, the opportunity for exchanges with the foreign students following this course.


    Law degree or equivalent foreign degree



    Total number of teaching weeks: 20


    Timing of the teaching period:

    Indicative start date of the teaching period : 01/09

    Indicative end date of the lessons : 30/04

    Language of instruction: English


    Diploma can be access by
    • Initial Formation (FI)

    The pedagogical content of the diploma (with a total hourly volume of 287 hours) is composed of two sets of courses, based on a mutualization of already existing courses. The creation of this diploma will therefore not give rise to the creation of many additional teaching hours (30 hours).

    The courses already taught in English which are the subject of the mutualization (and which will be added to the courses followed in the framework of the "Economic Law" degree) have been selected in order to ensure a coherent offer of courses in the framework of this second degree. Most of the courses are taught by AMU professors and some are taught by professionals.

    The selection of shared courses was made in relation to the following criteria: The possibility of a comparison between legal systems

    The pedagogical interest for a professional career of business lawyers

    The international character of the teaching
    The possibility of a comparison between legal systems


    Learning and practicing legal English
    Teamwork in English around the realization of cases
    Identification and use of the main American and English legal resources (use of Westlaw databases in particular)


    Nathalie MARTIN

    Tél. : 0442172944

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