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  • Initial training - Continuing education
  • 3 years
  • Aix-en-Provence
  • AIMS

    The magistracy responds to the needs of students in terms of professional training and, in particular, to students wishing to take competitive exams (State, territorial and hospital civil service, administrative magistracy, lawyer's profession). The proposed training has a fairly strong geographical coherence, given the large number of jobs (traditionally) related to public law in the Aix-Marseille area. The administrative and judicial network of the territory facilitates the students' search for work experience and internships. In this respect, the courses offered emphasise the trans-disciplinary nature of the courses, which respond to the needs of public and territorial authorities and their groups, as well as the organisations, institutions and companies in contact with them. These various institutions require executives who know how to consider the exercise of the competences entrusted by the legislator to the public collectivities in a global and prospective way.


    The course is aimed at a public entering the licence 3 of law
    It is done over three years L3-M1-M2



    Licence 2 law


    Total number of teaching weeks: 60

    Period of teaching:  

    Target date for the start of teaching: 11/10

    Target date for the end of the course: 08/07


    From a general point of view, the student who has graduated from the magistracy must be able to master the legal concepts relating to the various branches of public business law. He/she must be autonomous in updating this knowledge, know how to analyse a legal situation, argue in favour of a point of view, which implies: knowing how to organise a research and documentation process, knowing how to present formally (orally and in writing with a reasoned bibliography, table of contents, etc.) the result of the research and documentation process.) the result of this work alone or in a team.


    Maîtrise the environment and legal data of public business law and public contracts (public property, public procurement law, financing and execution of public projects, particularly contractual), maîmaster the contractual techniques of public law (negotiation, drafting and execution of contracts), master public contractual litigation; know how to apply these skills in companies or within public administrations.

    Ability to establish a link between theoretical knowledge and the reality of a function by knowing how to concretely use the theoretical knowledge acquired in the service of territorial collectivities or institutions of their environment. Ability to analyse an issue from different angles, to synthesise and to develop a solution taking into account these different angles. Ability to adapt to changes in the fields of competence of local authorities.


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