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International affiliations between teachers and researchers

The international opening of the Faculty permeates its two main missions: the training mission and the research mission. It is reflected in the hosting of foreign research professors within the Faculty as well as in the sending of FDSP research professors to partner universities. There are different ways of doing this.

  • Being hosted as a visiting professor

    The FDSP welcomes visiting professors every year from the centres and institutes or from the Faculty itself; or from the university. Many foreign research professors are statutorily invited every year.

    In addition to the numerous invitations made by the research centres themselves in the framework of their various research programmes (cf. 2, below), these invitations are notably launched through two annual campaigns:

    • The campaign for the reception of visiting professors on FDSP support (launched in Nov/Dec of each year)
    • The campaign for the reception of visiting professors at the Faculty of Law, on university support (DRV procedure, each spring)

    Each of these procedures involves the research centres or laboratories which propose one or more candidates to the component, which then ranks them at the component council. In the case of the DRV campaign, the university decides on the applications of each component.

    Visits are generally for a period of one month.

    Visiting ECs must then contact the International Relations Department to complete the required formalities and, in particular, sign a hosting agreement.

  • Be hosted as a teacher-researcher attached to a research centre

    Every year, the FDSP welcomes many foreign research professors in the framework of research programs conducted by the centers and laboratories. Participation in prestigious international networks allows for international scientific collaboration on collective research projects.

    Research professors who wish to come and carry out a short research stay in one of the centres or laboratories are invited to contact these structures first in order to determine the possibilities and modalities of a possible hosting. The centre or laboratory then submits the request to the component.

  • Being hosted for a short research stay

    Teachers-researchers from outside the European Union who wish to carry out short research stays in the Faculty of Law's research centres should refer to the procedure to be downloaded.

  • Missions and stays of FDSP research teachers abroad

    Sending and accompanying FDSP research teachers abroad on research, teaching or pedagogical engineering missions is part of the international agreements with partner institutions. Teachers wishing to participate in these cooperations or to initiate them must contact the scientific leaders of these partnerships and the International Relations Assessor.

    All new international cooperation agreements must be drawn up in collaboration with the Dean's advisor for international relations, and then validated by the component council.

    The Campus International Relations Department ("DRI Campus"), formerly the "International Relations Department", and the University's IR Department, provide advice and expertise to teachers who wish to set up an international project. They are at the service of all, as soon as a foreign element is present in a project.