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The research units of the Faculty of Law and Political Science of Aix-Marseille and their teams coordinate or participate in numerous national and international research projects or contracts, mainly legal but also multidisciplinary. They are also members of international European research consortia.

A non-exhaustive selection highlights the wide variety of subjects as well as institutions and partners.

At the national level

At the national level, a dozen ANR and GIP "Law and Justice" projects are underway, to which can be added, for a more complete panorama, projects financed by the CNRS, A*MIDEX and ministerial projects, not to mention those registered in AMU's calls for projects of the CIVIS type or institutional institutes.

The themes are varied and cover the wide range of research areas of the units with, for example

At the international level

At the international level, participation in European projects is regular and is reflected in responses to calls for H2020 projects, Marie Curie or Jean Monnet Chairs or Erasmus + projects that combine training and research.

We can congratulate ourselves on the success of the Centre de droit social (CDS) with:

  • Agreenment, a project co-financed by the European Commission, bringing together 6 EU countries and examining the question of the links between collective bargaining and the environment
  • the Marie Curie H 2020 Chair held by Professor Paolo Tomassetti, who joined the CDS, as part of the "Ground breaking research on employment and environmental transitions ahead" project(GRETA MSCA)

But also the successes of the UMR DICE teams with :

  • the 4 Jean Monnet Chairs ad personam of the CERICteam
  • the European "EUROGCT" project carried out by this same team, which brings together 47 organisations and institutions from 16 countries involved in the development and reflection on cell and gene therapies
  • the "CRIMHUM" project of the ILF-GERJC team on the modernization of master programs for future judges in Belarus and Ukraine in connection with the respect of European human rights standards