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Six prizes from the Caisse nationale des Allocations familiales (Cnaf) for the Revue des politiques sociales et familiales - deadline for entries: March 1, 2023

Posted 11 10 2022 - Stock exchange - Deadline for participation March 1, 2023

The Caisse Nationale des Allocations Familiales (Cnaf) is offering up to six prizes for proposals for scientific articles for the Social and Family Policy Review. These proposals, unpublished and single-authored, must be based on a Master's degree or thesis research completed less than two years ago, or on a doctoral research in progress. They concern one of the following human and social sciences: sociology, anthropology or ethnology, political science, demography, economics or management, public or private law, developmental or social psychology, educational science, history or geography. The jury may propose publication in the journal of the first prize-winning article and, possibly, of the second and third prize-winning articles.

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