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As part of your course, you may be required to do an internship. There are two types of internship: optional and compulsory. In both cases, these internships must be contracted.

The Faculty of Law and Political Science provides you with an online service platform, Ipro , which you can access via the ENT, under the heading "Education", tab "Internships", in order to establish your internship agreement.

The Ipro application is only for students in initial training. Continuing education students must contact the continuing education department, which will provide them with the necessary information.

  • The internship must be integrated into a training program with a minimum teaching volume of 200 hours per year. A minimum of 50 hours must be taught in the presence of the student.
  • The process of creating an internship agreement must be carried out at least 3 weeks before the beginning of the internship.
  • Internship agreements must be signed before the start of the internship. No internship should start without an internship agreement signed by all parties.
Diagram of the stages in the process of carrying out an internship
Process of carrying out an internship
  1. The student applies for an internship authorization
  2. The educational manager gives his agreement
  3. The student enters the agreement
  4. The agreement manager gives an administrative and final validation of the agreement
  5. The student follows the convention signature process
  6. The student completes the internship