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  • Initial training
  • 3 years
  • Aix-en-Provence
  • AIMS

    The Magistère of Business Law, Taxation and Accounting offers :

    Tradition and Innovation Created in 1985 by Dean Christian Louit, the Magistère de Droit des Affaires, Fiscalité et Comptabilité has trained generations of top-level tax and business lawyers. The Alumni Directory bears witness to this, showing that many leading French companies and many of the most prestigious law firms have one or more graduates of the Magistère among their ranks. The Magistère program is designed to complement the excellent training provided by the Faculty of Law and Political Science of Aix-en-Provence with specific courses, and is a major asset for the professional integration of its students. The Magistère benefits from national recognition and visibility by being regularly ranked among the best courses in Business Law and Taxation. The teaching program and teaching methods are regularly adapted to meet the requirements of training young lawyers and tax specialists who are fully operational.
    International outlook Intensive teaching of legal English. Study trip in the second year (Great Britain). Broad possibility of continuing studies abroad. Some courses taught in English (second and third years). Writing of a research report in English (second year). Foreign students are welcomed (notably as part of the Eiffel scholarship program).
    Opening up to business and the legal profession Compulsory internship in each of the first two years. Third year of work-study (apprenticeship or professionalization contract). Numerous seminars led by professionals (generally "alumni"). Company game organized in the second year. Participation in the Internship-Job Forums organized by the Institute of Business Law.
    Support for the "school" environment. Class size limited to 26 students. Seminars in small groups. Dedicated secretariat. Very active alumni network. Assistance in obtaining internships and work-study contracts. Accessibility of teachers. Support for further studies. Very active student association.


    The Magistère of Business Law, Taxation and Accounting is a training accessible to students who have validated, with very good results, two years of study in Law. It is intended for motivated students who are willing to follow demanding courses, able to bear a significant workload and who wish to deepen their knowledge of business and tax law.


    Admission to the Business Law, Taxation and Accounting program is selective. Class size is limited to 26 students.

    For the first year, applications are open to students with a "classic" law degree ("L2 Droit" with a profile preferably oriented towards private law) and to students from the "classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles" ("ENS D1" preparatory classes). Candidates are likely to be invited to a selection interview. Direct entry into the second year is sometimes possible within the limits of available places. It is in any case reserved for students with excellent previous results.

    The admission criteria are the quality of the previous curriculum, professional and internship experience, mastery of one or more foreign languages (including English) and personal qualities (open-mindedness, dynamism, willingness, high standards).

    At the end of each of the first two years, the passage to the next year is subject to obtaining a "reinforced" average in the fundamental subjects.


    Total number of teaching weeks: 68

    Indicative starting date of the courses : September 2018

    Indicative end date of the courses: September 2021

    The Magistère is a 3-year program. Professional internships (in France or abroad) must be carried out during each of the first two years. The third year should preferably be followed in alternation.
    The 1st year courses are taught in French.
    The 2nd and 3rd year courses are, for the most part, taught in French. Some courses are taught exclusively in English.
    At each level of study, students successively follow all or part of the general courses of the 3rd year of the Licence de Droit, the 1st year of the Master of Business Law and the 2nd year of the Master of Business Law (Corporate Law and Taxation) as well as courses specific to the Magistère (especially in the 1st and 2nd years).
    The courses and seminars take place in Aix-en-Provence. Perfect attendance at all courses is required.


    The training proposed in Magistère is based, during the three years of study, on the main teachings of the 3rd year of the Licence de droit and of the two years of the Master in Business Law (Law and Business Taxation), which allows students to obtain these two degrees;This allows students to obtain these two national diplomas (Licence and Master) at the same time as the Magist's diploma.

    It also includes courses enabling students to supplement their knowledge in various branches of tax law and business law by studying issues not included in the programme followed by the General Practice;(e.g. in-depth personal taxation, family property law, administrative litigation law, tax procedure law, stock exchange law).


    The Magistère of Business Law, Taxation and Accounting is aimed at students who have demonstrated, during their first two years of study, their understanding of legal issues, their ability to express themselves in a clear and concise manner, and their ability to understand the legal system;This course is intended for students who have demonstrated, during their first two years of study, their understanding of legal issues, their ability to express themselves orally and in writing, their legal reasoning skills and their work capacity.

    The objective of the training is to provide students with operational skills based on sound theoretical knowledge and technical know-how. To this end, the teaching methods implemented aim to help them progress in the search for reliable information and operational solutions (by developing their autonomy, their curiosity and their critical thinking skills), to prepare them for the future, and to help them to develop their skills in the field; The aim of the course is to provide students with the opportunity to learn about the different aspects of the subject matter of the course, from the search for reliable information and operational solutions (by developing their autonomy, curiosity and critical thinking skills), to the presentation and editing of the course (by improving their written and oral expression skills, both in French and English) and to the sharing of the course (in particular, by making them aware of the requirements of group work).


    Internships and work experience are an integral part of the Magistrates' training and are taken into account in obtaining the diploma. Internships in companies or law firms are compulsory in the first and second years. The third year is normally spent in a sandwich course (apprenticeship or professionalization contract lasting one year) or, as a rule, an internship lasting a minimum of three months.



Magistère Business Law, Taxation and Accounting
Class of 2017
The three years of training at the Magistère have been the most formative of my course. The quality of the teaching, the availability of the teaching staff and the relationships that are created allow the students to grow. Thank you for these years.
Magistère Business Law, Taxation and Accounting
The interdisciplinarity of the Magistère has been a real opportunity in my career development by allowing me to move towards corporate finance. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to enter a profession related to business life! The international orientation of the course allowed me to acquire a real agility and adaptability to evolve in a multicultural professional environment. The open-mindedness of the Magisterium also allowed me to understand very quickly the major challenges of the digital revolution.