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International students: exchange programs and freemovers

Main entrance of the Pouillon building located in Aix-en-Provence
Pouillon building (Aix-en-Provence site)

Although our faculty is the Faculty of Law and Political Science (FDSP), you will only receive courses in Law. All courses are held in Aix en Provence, at this address

3 Avenue R. Schuman - 13628 Aix-en-Provence

Tel: +33(0)4 42 17 28 58

Your only contact at the faculty will be your coordinator: Andrea Almario, whose contact details you will find below.

The FDSP is part of Aix Marseille University (AMU) whose Erasmus code is: F MARSEIL 84.

The FDSP is a 10-minute walk from the city centre of Aix and 10 minutes from the university residences.

Three programs are possible for an exchange student:

  • Students participating in an exchange program (ERASMUS/CIVIS/BCI/Bilateral Agreements...) who are registered in the Legal Studies Program for Foreign Students (P.E.J.E.). In this case, they will have access to a course offer (put the link of our course offer) of the Law Faculty oriented to them.
  • Students from Dublin, Exeter or Kent Universities can be enrolled in the University Diploma (DU) "French Law Studies for Foreign Students". (To be checked with their university).
  • Freemovers" are students whose university does not have an agreement with AMU but who wish to enrol in the Programme d'Études Juridiques pour étudiants Étrangers (P.E.J.E.). Click here (link to the freemover tab) for all information on freemovers.
  • The appointment

    Your Law School is linked by an international agreement with the Law School of Aix-Marseille. Please contact the international relations department of your university to find out about the selection procedure and to take all the necessary steps to be nominated.

    Good advice: You need to make arrangements 1 year before your move.

    The criteria for coming to the FDSP as an exchange student are :

    • A B2 level in French
    • A good level of adaptation and curiosity for the French language and culture
    • A little courage at the beginning to live the most beautiful experience of your life... But we are here to dispel your fears or apprehensions.
    • 2 years of law
    • To be autonomous and reactive in order to facilitate the setting up of your mobility.

    After selection, your international relations department will announce your appointment by e-mail. An email confirming your selection and a welcome pack is sent to your email address provided by your coordinator. In this welcome pack, all your mobility to Aix-en-Provence is explained with all the documents to be provided:

    • The contract of the envisaged studies (Learning Agreement). This document must come from your home university and must be signed by your university, our university and yourself.
    • The identity document (identity card or passport)
    • The certificate or social security card that covers you abroad and during the whole period of your stay. For Europeans : the European social security card is MANDATORY (it can take up to 1 month.... so it must be done quickly). For non-Europeans, affiliation to the French social security system will be compulsory once you arrive in France(apply online).

    Once you have received this welcome pack, your coordinator in Aix-en-Provence will give you all the information you need about the services available to you to make you feel welcome.

  • University calendar

    • Pre-course start 1st semester: last week of August
    • Start of the 1st semester: beginning of September
    • End of 1st semester courses: December
    • 1st semester exams: beginning of December until the Christmas holidays (including make-up exams)
    • Pre-commencement and start of 2nd semester courses: beginning of January
    • End of 2nd semester courses: mid-April
    • 2nd semester exams: end of May (including make-up exams)
    • 1st semester: compulsory arrival at the Faculty of Law the last week of August.
    • 2nd semester: compulsory arrival at the Faculty of Law on the Monday following the New Year.
  • A dedicated service

    A service, a coordinator, a single contact will be dedicated to you throughout your studies and will manage all aspects of your mobility (preparation before your arrival, processing of your requests by e-mail, management of your accommodation, personal questions, organization of exams, contact with your university, administrative and pedagogical questions and registrations, integration and any requests or concerns you may have).

  • Housing

    We offer our exchange students the possibility to be housed in a university residence, if they request it on Moveon. The university halls of residence are located approximately 15 minutes walk from the Faculty of Law and 10 minutes from the city centre of Aix. The rooms are renovated with private toilets and a shared kitchen. The accommodation is paid per semester, it is necessary to count 1500€ per semester. Wifi is free and parking can be rented.

    If you don't want student accommodation, we will help you to find private accommodation in our beautiful city.

  • French as a foreign language courses

    The Faculty of Law offers free refresher courses in French as a foreign language (FLE). These courses are planned in 2 phases:

    • Intensive courses at the beginning of the semester (15 hours in one week)
    • Semester courses (4 hours per week) organized in the evening to avoid conflicts with law courses.

    These French courses are accessible to all exchange students. It offers 3 ECTS to students who put it on their study contract and who pass the exam. Attendance and registration on Moveon is mandatory.

  • Legal terminology

    In order to familiarize exchange students with French legal terminology, the Faculty of Law offers an intensive session at the beginning of each semester (14 hours) in private and public law. This course offers 3 ECTS to students who put it on their study contract. Attendance and registration on Moveon is mandatory.

  • Integration Program

    The integration week :

    Each year, Aix-Marseille University welcomes more than 3500 new students from all over the world. It is very important for AMU to provide a quality welcome and to enable them to integrate easily into their new environment. The integration week is one of the welcome measures developed by the AMU International Relations Department. The aim of these few days of integration is to allow international students who have just arrived in France to discover the different services of the university and to familiarise themselves with the campus. The integration week is also a time to meet and socialize.

    The welcome evening :

    Organized every year, the welcome evening brings together hundreds of students around a cocktail and friendly background music. A highlight of the new academic year, it reflects AMU's desire to facilitate the integration of these international students and to honour them.

  • Tailor-made knowledge control

    The FDSP's International Relations Department offers an examination scheme especially for you. Exchange students have 2 exam sessions per semester and are assessed at the end of each semester by oral exams (and/or written exams for DU Kent, Exeter and Dublin students).

    A 2nd session (rattrapage) can be organised if the student has obtained a mark of 5 to 9/20 in the 1st session and if he/she was present at the 1st session. To pass the subject and obtain ECTS credits, the student must have a mark equal to or higher than 10 out of 20 points in the examination. No compensation between exams is possible.

    An official transcript will be sent to your university coordinator who will convert the French marks into your language and evaluation grid.

The Faculty of Law offers about 50 subjects in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year of Law. The exchange student takes part in the same lectures as the local students of the Faculty. Each subject in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd year is between 24 and 30 hours of classes per semester. Each subject of the 4th year (master) is equal to 27.30 hours of classes per semester.

All courses are worth 6 ECTS.

There is no code for the courses.

Only the courses of this course offer are accessible to you.

We have 4 courses taught in English in Master 1, semester 2.

The courses with an asterisk are the courses that are accompanied by tutorials (TD), but you have access only to the lectures and not to the TD.

  • The study contract

    Exchange students must draw up their study contract according to the speciality in which they are registered at their home faculty. This is the most important document of the year. It is included in the Erasmus kit given by the sending university. The choice of courses is up to the home faculty and the student. The study contract must be approved and signed by the pedagogical coordinator at your faculty, the pedagogical coordinator at the FDSP and the student. It should then be uploaded to the Moveon file.

    A modification (During the mobility) is possible when the student arrives.

  • Course content

  • Tutorial

    Tutorials are small classes (maximum 30 students) which follow the lecture, but in a more practical and detailed way.

    Only students from the University College of Dublin, the University of Exeter and the University of Kent, enrolled in the DU "French Law Studies for Foreign Students" are allowed to follow certain tutorials. Exception, students from Sheffield and Oslo are allowed to follow some tutorials, but under particular conditions that will be given by your coordinator.

    Each tutorial represents 3 ECTS.

Students whose university is not linked to ours by an international cooperation agreement have the possibility to register as "freemovers" in the Legal Studies Programme for Foreign Students (PEJE) and spend a year or a semester studying at the Faculty of Law and Political Science. If the application is accepted, the "freemover" will be considered exactly as an exchange student and will benefit from almost the same services. We will accompany him/her administratively and pedagogically.

  • Handbook

  • Welcome desk

    Each year, AMU organizes a welcome desk on the Aix-en-Provence campus to help international students who are arriving.

    This desk offers international students help with the administrative procedures they need to carry out on their arrival in France (housing, visa, insurance, etc.). It offers personalized support.

    Students from outside Europe:

    • Assistance with the online procedures for visas and residence permits
    • Appointments for: chest x-ray and medical consultation with SIUMPPS

    All students:

    • Opening of a bank account
    • Registration on the social security website.
    • Subscription to a complementary insurance for health, civil liability, multi-risk home insurance with: the Heyme student mutual insurance company or the banks
    • Information on transport offers and subscription to student passes with: the SNCF, Aix en Bus and the RTM
    • Help with the allocation of the housing allowance by the CAF
    • Help to get in touch with the different internal or local services of AMU: sport(SUAPS), medical and disability services, student associations, CROUS...
  • Linvin France

    Aix-Marseille University has set up a system to help you prepare for your departure, called LivinFrance, a digital platform where you will find useful and practical information on

    But above all, you will be able to benefit from individualised support and advice.

    1. Create an account and connect to the LivinFrance platform
    2. If you wish, make an appointment by phone or WhatsApp with one of our helpers
    3. Consult all the information and carry out some of your procedures online before your arrival in France
    4. You will have the possibility to ask your questions by Chat, WhatsApp or phone
    Livin France

    This service is multilingual (French, English, Spanish...), don't hesitate to use it, it's completely free!

The principle is simple: to put an international student who has come to study at Aix-Marseille University in contact with a local student in order to facilitate his/her integration.

For the godchildren:

  • In order to facilitate the integration of international students and to allow them to :
  • Meet French people and get out of the Erasmus circle,
  • Discover French culture through the eyes of a French person,
  • Practice French and slang,
  • Get help with classes, spelling, ideas for outings...
  • Visit your sponsor's family/friends or region

A sponsorship program has been set up at AMU: the Buddy System

The student in mobility just has to open an account on the Buddy application and we take care of finding a French friend for him/her.

Only emails are accepted.

The sponsorship program is like friendship, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't but you have to try because "nothing ventured, nothing gained".

For the sponsors:

You can above all do it by desire and in a disinterested way (without bonus). Having a friend from a foreign country allows you to :

  • Get to know another culture,
  • Open your mind and give you the desire to visit the world,
  • Make new friends
  • Practice or learn a foreign language.

How do I do it?

You have to fill in your profile on Buddy System as much as possible: Indicate your motivations/personality in the comment section. Note "Does not represent a bonus" in the comment too.

If the sponsorship represents a bonus, you must :

  1. Put the sponsorship on your IP (be careful not to bet too much on this bonus as there are very few international students registered). From September 20th (S1) or January 20th (S2), if you still don't have a referral, change your bonus.
  2. Fill in your profile on Buddy System as much as possible: don't hesitate to indicate your motivations/your personality in the comment section. Fill in your real name and surname. Notes "represents a bonus" in comment.
  3. The matching is done thanks to the Buddy System and you remain totally free in the way you organize yourself. It's up to you to make this exchange as rewarding as possible.
  4. A report will be requested at the end of the semester (no need to write me, it will be sent to you). You will have to fill it in as honestly as possible.
  5. Your bonus points are automatically transmitted to the school.



Reception from Monday to Friday

from 9am to 12:30pm and from 1:30pm to 4pm

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