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    The creation of the Notarial Law specialization responds to a request from the notarial profession to highlight the specificity of the notarial profession, and in particular to distinguish it from courses leading to the rather concurrent field of wealth management.

    The Notarial Law specialisation is intended to welcome students who have already achieved an excellent course of study and wish to enter the notary's profession by the so-called academic route.

    The latter provides a specially designed training, from the first year of the Master's degree, for the Notariat. It offers the notaries they will become an academic background enabling them to project themselves, in a sustainable way, into a notarial career.

    The integrated training is designed to provide the notaries with a solid foundation for their future career.

    The training includes a strong theoretical and research dimension, the second year being partly devoted to the mastery of computer tools for research. At the same time, and like any notary, the student will be regularly involved in the resolution of cases; an internship of one month (minimum) in the second year allows him/her to grasp the various aspects of the profession.

    The application for entry into the Notary Law Major assumes a strong capacity for work.


    The Notary Law major is primarily aimed at students wishing to become notaries.


    It is also of interest to notaries and their associates who hold an M1 degree and wish to perfect their knowledge of town planning and local authority law.


    This course is open from the 1st year Master's degree.

    Access is conditional on the submission of an application.


    The first year of the Master's degree in Notarial Law is based on the fundamental teachings that are essential for training as a notary, particularly in civil law (matrimonial regimes, successions, special contracts, etc.) and in real estate law (property law, etc.).) and in real estate law (town planning law, construction law, etc.)

    The Parcours Carrière notariale corresponds to the first year of the Diplocirc;me Supérieur du Notariat (DSN).

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    It represents the notary's academic path

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    It allows the delivery of the Master Droit notarial-Parcours carrière notariale and authorizes the registration of right à the INFN, to obtain the DSN

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    At the end of the Master's degree, the student will follow a 24-month and 4-semester professional apprenticeship at the INFN

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    The Notarial Practice and Notarial Public Law Course allows the délivrance of the Master's Degree in Notarial Law-Notarial Practice and Notarial Public Law Course, which opens up access to the professional pathway of notarial training.

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    Access to the INFN is conditional on an authorisation to enrol after examination of the student's file

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    At the end of the Master's degree, the student admitted to the INFN will follow a sandwich course combining a 30-month professional internship and 6 technical modules

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    When registering on e-candidat, the student will have to choose the Course(s) for which he/she opts: Notarial Carriage or/and Notarial Practice and Notarial Public Law

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    Admission to the Notarial Law Mention is accompanied by the indication of the Course that it is authorised;

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    Mastered knowledge in the subjects relevant to notarial practice: Family Law, Public and Private Real Estate Law, Contract Law, Tax Law and Commercial Law.



    At the end of the first year of the Master's degree the following competences are expected:


    - understand the legal implications of different orders, as well as the conflicts between them;

    - master the subjects forming the basis of notarial training (Family, Contracts, Real Estate, Commercial, Tax) ;

    - aptitude for legal reasoning.

    The « Carrière notarial » course targets the following competences:

    - acquisition of research methods of exemplary reliability;


    - autonomy of legal reasoning;

    - development of a strong working capacity;

    - acquisition of a solid level of knowledge

    - be seasoned in the requirements of legal security.

    The course « Notarial Practice » is intended for the notarial profession and aims to develop the following competences:

    - to improve the legal security of acts;

    - to improve the legal security of acts

    - promote the mastery of the rules of public law applied to notarial practice;

    - improve the legal security of acts

    - to improve the training of notaries and their collaborators who hold an M1 degree;

    - to make the notary's profession more effective and efficient

    - to make the notary a true partner of local authorities.


    In the first year, a research report on a subject related to notarial issues may be preferred to an internship.

    In the second year, the Notarial Career Program requires a minimum of one month's internship, which must be defended before a jury.


    Internship office

    Contacts with notarial bodies

    Degree network


    The French notarial profession is naturally open to international perspectives.

    This is the reason why international law courses are present, both in the first year of the Master's programme and in the Carriage of Notaries programme in the second year. One or two students from the Shanghai (China) class will be given a one-off internship at the Sino-French Centre for Legal and Notarial Studies.

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