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The "Rights, Powers and Societies" Research Federation

Created in 2008 with the aim of actively contributing to the coordination of research in legal sciences on the Aix-Marseille site, the "Rights, Powers and Societies" Research Federation (FED 4280) is placed under the responsibility of the Dean of the Faculty of Law and Political Science, assisted by the assessor in charge of FED 4280.

Under the supervision ofAix-Marseille University, it currently includes 3 Joint Research Units (UMR), 9 Research Units (UR), as well as theDoctoral School "Legal and Political Sciences" (ED 67). Its composition is one of the ways in which it is open to disciplines other than law.


🔔 Actu : Propos conclusifs - Colloque "Existe-t-il une théorie de la gouvernance ?"

Retrouvez dès à présent les propos conclusifs du colloque "Existe-t-il une théorie de la gouvernance ?", qui s'est déroulé les 13 & 14 décembre 2023 au sein de la Faculté de droit et de science politique

  • Research areas

    The research is structured around 5 major federating themes or Axes, the content of which is defined in synergy with the member research units of the FED and evolves to meet the contingencies of a dynamic research and by nature evolving:

    • Axis 1: Justice

      Practical and theoretical studies on the judicial institution and on the modes of realization of justice in the different branches (constitutional, penal, civil, social...).
    • Axis 2: Fundamental rights

      Traditional axis of legal research in Aix-en-Provence.
    • Axis 3: Law, crises and economic and social regulations

      Study of the evolution of regulations and intervention mechanisms on societal issues, especially in response to crisis situations.
    • Axis 4: Legal orders, identities and integration

      Comparative constitutional law, international and European law, foreign law, Mediterranean law and spaces, globalization.
    • Axis 5: Energy, environment and sustainable development

      An extension of the "Alternative Energies" area, this area has evolved in order to better meet the requirements of interdisciplinarity and the creation of an "Environment" research cluster within Aix-Marseille University

    Beyond these axes where collaborative projects can continue to emerge, the transverse theme of governance has been retained and will be explored over the next 4 years in the Call for projects "Young researchers" for the organization of colloquia labeled FED 4280 (first edition launched in 2023).

  • FED 4280 scientific policy

    The FED has a policy of supporting, coordinating, leading and labelling scientific projects (symposia and publications) and mobilises its human and financial resources for this purpose. It thus encourages the emergence of projects that fall within its priority federative research areas, promotes multidisciplinarity and the strengthening of scientific collaboration between laboratories, and contributes to facilitating the synergy of the scientific competences of its units and beyond for a greater influence of research in law and political science.

    The components of this policy are :

    1 A targeted scientific watch and support for the Units in their projects

    The monitoring service is divided into two parts (scientific and financial) and provides the Units and researchers with an exhaustive and up-to-date list of research activities (conferences, study days, calls for papers, etc.) and funding available to support the individual or collective research projects in law and political science of its Units (calls for projects, grants, contracts, prizes, etc.). It also offers personalized assistance in the search for funding, partners or the setting up of projects. For collaborative and transversal projects involving various research teams, the Federation can coordinate them in accordance with its objectives.

    2 A policy of projects: Call for "Young researchers" projects for the organization of colloquia with the FED 4280 label

    Starting in 2023, a new component of the scientific policy of the FED 4280 - specifically oriented towards young researchers - will be deployed with the financial support of the FDSP.

    Around the theme of governance - a theme that will be developed over the next 4 years - young researchers (MCFs appointed in the last 5 years and young doctors of law) from at least two member units of the Federation, will have the opportunity to organize a large-scale conference with the label "FED 4280".

    In addition to the required qualities of excellence, the winning project will have to meet the requirements of collegiality, multidisciplinarity in law and beyond (dialogue with the SHS), innovation in methods (both in the animation of the colloquiums and in the dissemination of knowledge), and valorization of the production (publication of the proceedings in the eponymous collection of the Federation at PUAM and deposit in HAL AMU).

    3 Support for conferences and publishing: annual campaigns

    Initiated in 2014 by the FED, annual campaigns to support the research activity of its Units (events and publishing) are organized in order to promote the development of inter-laboratory and interdisciplinary cooperation. Since 2019, a scheme merged between the Faculty of Law and the Federation and managed by the FED, allows to further strengthen the financial support given to the organization of colloquia and to the valorization of collective and individual scientific activity through support for publication in the eponymous collection of the FED.

    This project-based funding has helped to support some fifty events and twenty books, reflecting the diversity and richness of the research as well as its excellence.

    4 Support for the promotion of research: the DPS collection at PUAM

    Because the promotion of research in law and political science is essential and is mainly achieved through individual or collective publications, the Federation is developing a strong policy. In 2013, it launched its own eponymous collection at the Presses Universitaires d'Aix-Marseille (PUAM).

    This collection is a privileged framework for works that receive publishing aid within the framework of the FED's annual campaigns. More generally, it is intended to collect scientific publications of different disciplinary sensibilities, at the heart of legal and political sciences but also beyond, resulting from collective inter-laboratory work or providing a cross-disciplinary scientific perspective on major, emerging or innovative societal issues.

    It includes proceedings of conferences (Journées des doctorants, Assises de l'Ecole doctorale des juristes méditerranéens, etc.), individual or collective works and theses.

    The 21 books published to date - including the last one « Juristes et réformes  » (directed by Jean-Baptiste PERRIER and Éric GASPARINI )  - can be consulted  and ordered from the PUAM website in the DPS Collection.

    5 Supporting the faculty's research policy

    The FED is a research player and participates in the coordination and support of various actions and events, particularly those that are part of the Faculty of Law and Political Science's national and international partnerships and networks.

    In addition to the administrative coordination of procedures and support schemes for research projects involving a component classification, the FED offers support:

    • since 2018, the Doctoral Students' Days,

      These days in support of young research in law, are jointly organized by the Faculty and the Doctoral School "Legal and Political Science" (ED 67) with the organizational and financial support of the FED 4280.

              May 4, 2022 - Day "Lawyers and reforms"

              June 18, 2021 - Day "Law and Social Innovation"

               June 7, 2019 - Day " Rethinking democracy and its forms of expression ".

               June 22, 2018 - Day  " The mutations of justice".

    • since 2017, annual events included in the partnership formalized by a 2018 agreement between the FDSP and its partners in the judicial world, renewed in 2022: the Faculty at the Palace (news of major reforms), the Night of the Law (October 4 each year) and the Entretiens Portalis (annual symposium)

             June 9, 2022 - "The Office of the Judge" conference

             June 13, 2019 - " Law and the Environment " conference

             June 1, 2018 - " Law and the Digital Age " conference

             May 19, 2017 - " The judicial judge facing the control of proportionality " conference

    • at the École doctorale des juristes méditerranéens (EDJM)

      The FED deploys here its international activity by ensuring since 2018 and the election of the Dean as scientific head of the EDJM, the administrative management and coordination of this Euro-Mediterranean doctoral network bringing together the Faculties of Law of 14 universities around the Mediterranean, including the Faculty of Law and Political Science of Aix-Marseille where this network was born in 2008.

      As such, it coordinates the organization of annual meetings hosted in turn by the member universities, organizes and pilots the Aix editions of these meetings and participates in promoting doctoral mobility, particularly incoming to the FDSP, by ensuring the interface between doctoral students, research units and AMU services.

      Thus, after 2013, the Faculty of Law and Political Science of Aix-Marseille hosted the 10th edition of the EDJM in 2018: 19 university delegations from both sides of the Mediterranean, including those of the Middle East Doctoral School of Law (EDDMO), met for three days of work, including doctoral workshops, a methodology conference and a scientific colloquium on the theme of " Law and Civilization in the Mediterranean: Towards a Common Legal Culture?

    • to more prospective events or meetings

      The Federation can offer its assistance and support to the organization of meetings, time for exchange and reflection such as the Assises de la recherche en droit in 2019 with great guest speakers.

Here you will find a selection of scientific events in law and political science (colloquia, study days, seminars, etc.) organised in France and abroad, based on a targeted scientific watch that is updated as the event progresses. To find out about events taking place at the Faculty of Law and Political Science of Aix-Marseille, consult the "research" section.

You will also find a selective list ofcalls for contributions (AAC ) to participate in events or to produce a publication.

Do not hesitate to consult these sections regularly.

If you are a teacher-researcher, researcher or doctoral student in law or political science and you are looking for funding for an individual or collective research project, do not hesitate to consult the selection below. It lists a wide range of project-based funding (AAP) and other funding (grants, doctoral contracts, publication grants, thesis prizes, etc.) from research organizations and groups, learned societies, journals and specialized websites.



Jean-Baptiste PERRIER, Dean of the Faculty of Law and Political Science of Aix-Marseille

Assisted by Professor Xavier MAGNON, Assessor in charge of FED 4280


FED Team

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Where to find us?

The Research Federation "Rights, Powers and Societies" (FED 4280) is located at the Faculty of Law and Political Science of Aix-Marseille, on the Aix Schuman campus, on the 3rd floor of the Cassin Building.